About Us

Therapy Rooms Central LondonTherapy Rooms London (TRL) was born out of the experiences of a psychological practitioner and a London business owner, who both noticed a problem with, tailored to purpose, room availability in the city. Renting a room can be relatively simple if you have the money, the time and inclination to rent a room full time. This way you can decorate, within reason, and mould the space to fit your specific purposes. However, not everyone: 1) can afford a room in London on a full time basis and 2) will have the time to use it enough to justify the monthly expense. Therefore, this creates a problem for London professionals, such as psychological practitioners because they require rooms which are tailored to fit theirs and their clients’ needs. The options for practitioners are consequently to engage in the research and decision-making process of choosing between the extreme prices of catchment areas like Harley Street or cheaper options, which are often undesirable and inappropriate in terms of location and/or room suitability.

This is where TRL comes in to help. Therapy Rooms Central London aims to offer a solution to this problem, providing rooms which are specifically tailored to fit therapeutic needs, rentable by the hour or in blocks of time. Additionally, the best part about Therapy Rooms Central London is that there no longer needs to be a choice between renting an undesirable room because it’s affordable or a desirable room which is extremely expensive. TRL provides affordable rooms in a fantastic catchment area – rooms which are tailored by a practitioner for practitioners.

This is how TRL came to exist and we are delighted to be able to offer what we believe is a solution to a City problem. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy the benefits of our idea coming together, as much as we have enjoyed making it a reality.

Tel: 0203 701 8396
Email: trlrooms@gmail.com