‘Never Say Never’ When It Comes To Anxiety

Keeping anxiety under control through self-management techniques can be one of the hardest, and most important things an anxiety patient can learn, and a common sense app could help reinforce the messages that keep individuals from losing their grip on their condition.

Mental health professionals looking for therapy rooms in central London for a safe space for their clients to help talk through their anxieties might benefit from the My Possible Self App, which has featured in Cosmopolitan.

One of the systems those behind the app recommend is remembering that the term ‘never’ is a trap. It is common to think that normal will never come, but this kind of black and white thinking can lead to more worry. Noticing these ‘never’ thoughts is the first way to start controlling them, the second way is to then consider how to look at a situation in shades of grey.

Discovering patterns to anxiety can be the key to unlocking tools for coping, especially if there are certain triggers like time of day, what has the patient been doing and who was the patient with. Just little things like knowing alcohol makes one’s anxiety worse, or that a bad night’s sleep can exacerbate anxiety can help.

Finally, it is important to talk – which is the first step for anybody living with anxiety.

Anxiety can be managed, the app states, but finding a technique that works to the individual takes time, and so it is important to talk these mechanisms through with a practitioner.